Where every day is filled with joy.

Life at AVIVA River Bend can be whatever way you want it to be. If you enjoy staying active, you’ll appreciate our fitness classes, inviting gathering spaces, and outings into town. When it’s time to relax – even if that’s all the time – the nature-filled grounds, cozy nooks, and comfortable rooms will help you unwind. And, of course, our expert care ensures every moment is exactly as you need it to be.

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Life here means living with confidence.

As an AVIVA Senior Living community, we offer the AVIVA Living With Confidence wellness program – a comprehensive initiative that helps ensure every assisted living and memory care resident receives optimized care and the opportunity to live every day to its fullest.

Positive Psychology

Research reveals that positive psychology can alleviate depression and enhance well-being in older adults. Programs incorporating mindfulness, brain fitness, and spirituality redirect focus to positive life experiences, aiding seniors in coping with the challenges of aging.

Progressive Engineered Environment

We integrate advanced design and technology across all areas of the community, including innovative senior living spaces, electronic life safety programs, and electrostatic sprayers for disinfection, in-unit washers and dryers. A digital healthcare monitoring system collects health behavior data and facilitates communication with key staff members.


Enhancing physical vitality has numerous benefits for health, self-esteem, and socialization. We offer a wide range of physical activities tailored to older adults, including specialized fitness equipment, muscle strengthening and aerobic exercises, yoga, dance, stretching, walking and running programs, balance improvement to reduce the risk of falling, and access to physical therapy for injury recovery when necessary.

Medication Management

An Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMar) helps facilitate the distribution, tracking, and ordering of medications safely and efficiently. In partnership with local pharmacies and our onsite licensed nurse and med tech, the eMar software ensures the delivery of the right medication, at the right dose, and at the right time.

Sensory Design

Our community has been thoughtfully designed to engage all the senses, promoting vitality and engagement through aromatherapy, digital signage, and soothing music. Interactive technology connects residents and their families, while dining becomes a vibrant, social experience that fosters new friendships and healthy eating. The community's dedicated TV channel keeps residents informed about events, menus, and activities.

Brain-Healthy Nutrition

We offer diverse and flavorful menus that are not only delicious but prioritize brain health and can help reduce the risk of memory decline. Our dietary focus is on whole foods, including leafy greens, vegetables, nuts, berries, whole grains, fish, poultry, and extra virgin olive oil.


Sleep plays a vital role in the body's cellular repair and rejuvenation process. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and minimizing decline. A lack of sleep can negatively impact daily activities and reduce the quality of life for older adults. Our healthcare monitoring system is utilized to enhance sleep quality and promote overall wellness.


Dehydration is the leading cause of hospitalization for seniors. Which is why we make maintaining hydration a critical component of our overall wellness program. Residents have 24-hour access to water at stations throughout each community and water is provided at every meal.

Real thoughts from real people.

Who better to hear from about life at AVIVA River Bend than our residents?
River Bend has been a beautiful place for our parents. The care, food, and employees are a 5 out of 5. Thank you River Bend! Jacquie, Resident family member
The staff here is amazing. They care about their clients and treat them like family. Memory care clients are kept busy with activities including escorted walks and bus rides. The facility is always clean. Make sure to check Riverbend out if you need a place for a loved one. Bill
Wonderful building with extraordinary care. Lots of Activities and delicious food. Mary Jo